Group 6: Financing Education

Focussed questions

  1. How can public financing of education be strengthened?

  2. Which of the following areas is most critical for government financing in order to achieve SDG 4 and Samoa’s aspiration in the Pathway for Development plan?

    a. Inclusive, equitable, safe, and healthy schools

    b. Learning and skills for life, work, and sustainable development

    c. Digital learning and digital transformation

    d. Teachers, teaching, and the teaching profession

  3. What multisectoral mechanism can Samoa put in place to ensure adequate and sustainable financing of education?

  4. How effective is our process in distributing funds and resources to schools?

  5. Is funding available spent in the areas most in need?

Overarching questions

  1. What changes must Samoa undertake to boost both the quality and quantity of international assistance for education?