Group 5: Digital Learning and Transformation


Use the information provided and data to discuss key questions.

Focussed questions

  1. Is there a digital divide in education in Samoa fueled by inequitable access to devices, connectivity, and/or teacher training? Who is left out?

  2. How is this digital divide being addressed?

  3. How can schools manage and share the minimal digital learning resources they may have?

  4. Who should be prioritized in the distribution of digital resources?

  5. How are schools supported and trained to identify and address cyberbullying issues across school-age students?

  6. What measures are put in place to protect educational information, information sharing, access to information, and data sharing across schools?

Overarching questions

  1. What other innovative ways can the Education sector and other Ministries collaborate to maximize resources to support digital learning for schools?

  2. Are there initiatives in Samoa to create, curate, and maintain free, open, curriculum-aligned digital resources and platforms as part of the digital commons? Who is in charge?

  3. What measures should be put in place to ensure equity and access to digital learning resources? (Some examples)

  • Financing schemes for students – lease to buy or rent
  • National policies to supplement digital resources at low costs?
  • Free online access and connectivity
  • Others