Group 2: Inclusive, Equitable, Safe, and Healthy Schools


Use the information and data provided to discuss the following questions.

Key to the discussion is the following:

1) inclusion and equity 2) gender-transformative education 3) safe schools and learning environments 4) school health and nutrition, and 5) education in emergencies.

Focus Questions

  1. Who are people in the community that is excluded from the educational system (e.g disability, vulnerable, out of school, rural learners, girls, and young women, boys and men)?

  2. Why? What are the root causes of these educational exclusions?

  3. Is there inequity between gender access to education?

  4. Is the health and nutrition situation of our students a concern, impacting their cognitive and growth to learn? How can schools assist with health and nutrition?

  5. Are there other vulnerable situations contributed by COVID-19 that will impact inclusion and equity?

Overarching questions

  1. What social, economic policies, and/or legal measures are being taken to address these exclusions?

  2. The space for addressing educational exclusion from within the education sector alone can be limited. What system-wide transformations are required to ensure the inclusion of all in the education system?

  3. What policies can be put in place to address health and nutrition in schools and what national measures are required to support healthy schools?