BigBlueButton Introductions

For those participating in the SKSI BigBlueButton Tutorial, we invite you to create an account in this forum for yourself and then briefly introduce yourself and your interest in BigBlueButton.

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Greetings from Cromwell New Zealand!

I’m based at the OER Foundation and we are participating in the Samoan Knowledge Society Initiative to provide support for capacity development in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

Look forward to meeting new colleagues in Samoa!


Talofa and Bula

Varunesh Rao from Fiji Islands but currently based with the UNESCO Pacific States Office here in beautiful Samoa (though I am still in quarantine, hopefully out soon). I am part of the team that is working to deliver the Samoan Knowledge Society Initiative and the ICT in Education Project.

I hope to connect with you all during this first of many training sessions and beyond that as we move to build community of practice groups to help mentor and build digital capacity.


Hi all. I’m Roland Sherwood, originally from the UK but now based in Samoa and working with UNESCO as ICT in Education Curriculum Specialist to help implement the Samoa Knowledge Society Initiative and ICT in Education in Samoa Project. Very much looking forward to engaging with fellow IT and education professionals across Samoa, particularly with regard to the use of open source technologies.


Talofa everyone @Mackiwg, @dave, @varunesh.rao @roland, very late hello but I am Eleanor, and last month I joined the ICT team at Ministry of Education :nerd_face:Sports :football: and Culture :dancer:t2: (MESC)and am very excited to be part of the SKSI, looking forward to expanding my knowledge base and learning new skills and technologies.
I realize that this is more than 3 months :sweat_smile: after the last post but still happy to do it.


Kia ora / Talofa @Eleanor

Everyone is welcome - you’ve arrived in good time, we’re only just getting started!


Hello All! Discussion Time!