Group 4: Teachers Teaching and the Teaching Profession

Use the information and data provided to discuss the following questions.

Focus questions

  1. Is the shortage of teachers already a reality or a risk in Samoa if so in which levels or subject areas?

  2. What measures are in place to attract the best people to the profession?

  3. Are there measures being taken to improve salaries, social status, and working conditions for teachers? What are they?

  4. Are there measures to support teachers’ pre-and in-service training, as well as their leadership, autonomy, and professional development? What are they?

  5. Is the deployment and distribution of teachers equitable across your country?

  6. What is being done about it?

Overarching question

  1. What transformative actions can Samoa put in place to address the shortage of teachers, capacity development, and qualifications in certain year levels and subject areas? Some examples provided
    • Virtual learning and development
    • Micro-qualifications
    • Fast track programs for teachers
    • Live streaming
    • Moodle
    • Zoom
    • Others

  2. What national policies should be put in place to manage the distribution hire and recruitment of teachers in order to address equity across Samoa?